Tuesday Afternoon Physics Poetry, Part Two

Maybe it’s not as great as Cosmic Gall, but still, here it is: the next physics poem. This one is by Erich Hückel, and speaks about Erwin Schrödinger and his wavefunction (called psi).

The original is in German:

Erwin kann mit seinem Psi
kalkulieren wie noch nie.
Doch wird jeder gleich einsehn:
Psi lässt sich nicht recht verstehn

There is an English translation, that does not run as smoothly, but may be easier to understand for some. :-)

Erwin with his psi can do
calculations quite a few.
But one thing has not been seen:
Just what does psi really mean?

(Actually, I would prefer ‘actually’ instead of ‘really’ in the last line.)