TASP- the Fibonacci edition

For this edition of the Tuesday Afternoon Science Poetry, Ionica sent me (thanks!) this link to Gregory K.’s GottaBook. He invented mathematical poems called Fibs, haiku-like poems where the number of syllables per line is given by the Fibonacci numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc. For instance:

Spiraling mixture:
Math plus poetry yields the Fib.

As the only real restriction is the number of syllables, these ‘Fibs’ are pretty easy to write, and lots of commenters at the original post have done so. After the fold there’s a Dutch one I wrote. Do leave your own in the comments, if you like!


En dan
gebeurt er iets – de
gebeurtenissen struikelen
over elkaar heen, het is niet meer bij te houden.


  1. Who

    Hi Florine, here is something by W.S. Merwin to balance the Fiboku

    Sean Carroll put it at Cosmic Variance today and I thought it was beautiful, so you should have it for your TASP (tuesday afternoon science poetry)

    Just This
    By W.S. Merwin.

    When I think of the patience I have had
    back in the dark before I remember
    or knew it was night until the light came
    all at once at the speed it was born to
    with all the time in the world to fly through
    not concerned about ever arriving
    and then the gathering of the first stars
    unhurried in their flowering space
    and far into the story the planets
    cooling slowly and the ages of rain
    then the seas starting to bear memory
    the gaze of the first cell at its waking
    how did this haste begin this little time
    at any time this reading by lightning
    scarcely a word this nothing this heaven

  2. Dit
    toch wel
    dan ik had gedacht.
    In het Nederlands durf ik wel.
    Aan Engelse Fibs begin ik voorlopig nog nie’
    Voor je het weet heeft een klein woordje als ‘idea’ ineens een lettergreep of drie!

  3. :-)

    and try
    to write one
    in English as well.
    As long as the words are simple,
    counting syllables (two or three here?) is not too hard…

  4. Who


    I like
    that sings as music.

  5. I
    you sing,
    we all sing
    the new song: I sing,
    you sing, the new song we all sing.
    That fits pretty well! :-) (The Real Group)

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