This summer, why not travel to a black hole?

Via Backreaction, I found the winner of the Top Pirelli Prize. (I wrote about their relativity challenge at Qulog 1.0, but can’t find the winner of that…) It’s a website devoted to Black Holes, called Gravity’s Relentless Pull. The authors have also written a paper about their site.

Black hole

A fast internet connection is recommended, as the site is heavy on (impressive) interactive movies. You can travel in an imaginary space ship (with, as is noted, “a scientifically impossible speed”) to a black hole, and even get Up Close and Personal with it. Or find out if you can orbit a black hole without falling into it, by adjusting your position and velocity in a simulation. There is an extensive Black Hole Encyclopedia with answers to various questions on the nature, formation and existence of black holes, and several ‘experiments’.
(The picture shows a simulated view towards a black hole, from this page in the Black Hole Encyclopedia.)


  1. Stephen Hawkin says that your body would be stretched our thin for a hugh distance, so you would have to figure out a way around this event.

    I prefer a wormhole.


  2. I’m not sure a wormhole would be more comfortable…. anyway, they made a website so you can be an armchair-based black hole traveller! It’s faster, too. :-)

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