Ten random facts about pi

  1. It’s Pi-day today!
  2. Maybe they were preparing festivities… anyway, lately the number one search term for people coming to Qulog is Pi Song.
  3. As a result, the stats on that post have gone up from maybe four every day to over 10\pi yesterday!
  4. There are \pi \times 10^7 seconds in a year (error is less than a percent).
  5. You can ‘measure’ \pi by repeatedly dropping a needle onto a ruled surface. It’s not a very practical way, but I like it anyway.
  6. Somewhere in the digits of \pi is my birthday. (But where? I always forget.)
  7. A circle with diameter 1 has circumference \pi and surace area \pi / 4.
  8. During a lecture on quantum field theory, Gerard ’t Hooft once joked that he used the ‘small circle approximation’: 2\pi = 1.
  9. There are more pi-songs than just the one I wrote about last year.
  10. Oh, I almost forget: \pi = 3.14159, followed by a lot of digits I don’t remember…

  1. bart

    Your birthday (and many other strings of numbers) can be found in pi’s digits via the Pi search page: http://www.angio.net/pi/piquery.html

    Regarding yours, the answer this page returns is:
    “The string ******** [censored] occurs at position 7,411,604 counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. is not counted.

    The string and surrounding digits:
    90873298712148346809 ******** 02253004005621775580 [censored again]”

    Though censored, there is sufficient information available to retrieve your date of birth…

  2. :-)
    Thanks for the censoring!

  3. Wilfred

    But is is only Pi-day in the usa, right? ;-)
    By the way, surace -> surface.
    My favourite fact about Pi is that it’s a transcendental number.

  4. Machiel

    It made my A5 class laugh out loud when I told them about pi day. We, the chemists, also have a day called Mole Day. It’s either on June 2 (6/02) from 10.23 AM to 10.23 PM, or on October 23 (10/23), from 6:02 AM to 6:02 PM.

  5. @ Wilfred: Thanks for pointing out the typo. Yes, it’s only Pi-day in the US, and then only for the nerds who like this sort of thing.

    @ Machiel: Mole day… that’s a nice one, too. There must be a lot more possibilities…. \hbar day? 1st of May (5th of Jan in the USA), 10:34 or something (maybe 9:26, because that’s 10:(-34)?).

  6. Thanks for the article. This is way of the mark…but I was delighted to know that my sur-name has a day reserved for it. LOL :)

  7. You’re lucky with a name like that!

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  11. it is actually 3.14159265… I memorized it… check your spelling… tootlez!

  12. gretchen

    wat do these facts mean? they make no sense wat soo ever! wat the heck? how am i supposed to find info about pi for my math project if a website cant give me any?! woww, thanks for helping me fail my project

  13. riley

    cody sounds like a cutie;)

  14. PIE MAN


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  16. Barbora

    Hey, but year has pi*10^6 seconds!

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