TASP – Spring and Music walk together

It’s time for another spring edition of Tuesday Afternoon Science (and mathematics and education) Poetry.

So, as an exercise for the reader*: where is the scientific component in this poem?

Spring and Music

Spring, among her sylvan shades,
And the gladness of her glades,
Once in dreamy hours was straying,
Where sweet Music with her throngs
Of glad melodies and songs
In the happy vales was playing.

Pan beheld the fairy maids
As they gamboled in the shades,
And he swore they should not sever.
But that o’er the blooming land,
Heart to heart and hand in hand,
They should wander on forever.

Thus when come the gentle days
O’er the wildwood’s tangled ways,
There is found no gloomy weather;
For among the leafy bowers
And the valleys bright with flowers
Spring and Music walk together!

Freeman E. Miller

(A book with many poems, including this one, can be found at the Gutenberg project.)

* Anyone who’s ever used a mathematics textbook will get this joke, I think…

  1. Judy Kelley

    I was surprised and delighted to find my great-grandfather’s poem on your site. He was an interesting man … A native of Indiana, he practiced law in the Texas Panhandle with Sam Houston’s son, Temple, before going to Oklahoma the year after the Land Rush of 1889. He served in the Territorial Legislature and was a member of the first faculty of Oklahoma A&M College, now Oklahoma State University. He was a district judge for many years before dying in 1951. He was said to be Oklahoma’s first literary person and was poet laureate. My mother was his granddaughter.

  2. I can imagine your surprise… finding your great-grandfather on the internet! Thanks for provinding the background information.

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