Who ordered that particle?

Somehow, my blogging inspiration has reached a low. Fortunately, I ran into this post at Asymptotia where Clifford shows two great cartoons by Roz Chast. The one below was used as the cover of Symmetry Magazine. See if you can spot the “slightly less than real” ones! (Click on it for a larger version.)

Roz Chast Symmetry cover

(The title of my post, by the way, is based on a famous quote by particle physicist I.I. Rabi, who demanded “Who ordered that?” when he learned of yet another particle, the muon, being reported.)


  1. Wilfred

    Nostalgia Florine? The annoying thing is, some of them are indeed conjectured to exist and have ridiculous names.
    Funny that they didn’t use the names truth and beaty then no laymen could have guessed which are “real” and which ones are not.

  2. Apart from the Seven Dwarves, I think it’s pretty hard to guess which are real and which aren’t. And from the way top and bottom are drawn, would you guess they’re real?

    My favourite name has to be sneutrino, especially in Dutch with the eu sounding like “ui”. (Okay, that’s very useful to write down in English….)

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