Mooi gezegd

“Students are under the impression that when they are stuck and confused, they are doing something wrong. Think of it this way. What if you went to the gym to work out but you didn’t get sweaty and you weren’t sore or tired? You would probably feel like you really didn’t get any exercise. The same is true for learning. Confusion is the sweat of learning.” (Rhett Allain, Dot Physics)

“In fact, some of the worst problems in science are the direct result, in my opinion, of the poor quality of science journalism. One of the key reasons that leading scientific journals publish bad papers is that both the authors and the editors are looking for media buzz, and can usually count on the media to oblige.” (Mark Liberman, Language Log)

20131019-221313.jpgDe groenten en vruchten met schoonheidsfoutjes worden aangeboden onder het motto “Keiner ist perfekt” (Niemand is perfect). Ze zijn iets goedkoper dan hun “perfecte” soortgenoten. Als alles wat wordt verbouwd, ook wordt verkocht en opgegeten zal de milieubelasting van de landbouw aanzienlijk lager zijn.” (Marie-José Klaver, 360 magazine)

And finally: The Bear in the Moonlight is a series of cute and educational stories about probability. With whiteboard drawings. (Ben Orlin, Math with Bad Drawings)